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Our Approach

The fire safety engineering approach assesses the performance of a design in its context, deviating from the prescriptive non-contextual nature of the standards and regulations. Success in fire safety, as in all safety, begins with the concept and design of a product (whether it is a building, a submarine, or machinery) and continues through to handover. Our Chartered Engineers work with you at every stage of the project lifescylce from conception to through life support.

Look below for further details on the benefits of fire safety engineering, fire safety engineering techniques employed by SOA and a summary of SOA primary competencies in this sector.


  • Identify non-compliances to the standards
  • Increase occupancy numbers
  • Increase compartment size
  • Agree justified non-compliances with rules
  • Extend travel distances
  • Support novel designs
  • Reduce passive fire protection

The fire safety engineering approach can be used to assess the performance of the design in its context, deviating from the prescriptive non-contextual nature of the standards and regulations.

The safety measures are then achieved with meeting business objectives without compromising safety over design.

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Fire Engineering Techniques

  • Fire dynamics and analyses
  • Structural response analysis
  • Fire growth and fire spread simulations
  • Smoke spread simulations
  • Evacuation simulations
  • Probablistic Fire Risk Assessment

The benefits of fire engineering are realised by the utilisation and understanding of available fire safety engineering techniques, calculations and models.

Our engineers apply, when appropriate, these techniques to resolve conflicts with prescriptive standards and identify cost-effective solutions that will satisfy the statutory bodies.

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  • The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order
  • Approved Document B - Fire Safety
  • Approved Document M - Access & Use
  • DSEAR Regulations 2002
  • COSHH Regulations 2002
  • British Standards / Approved Codes of Practice
  • Healthcare Technical Memorandum 05 suite
  • Lloyds & Germanischer Lloyd rules

Fire safety is covered by a variety legislation, regulations, guidance documents and industry standards making it difficult to understand what your requirements are.

Our fire safety engineers have a thorough and practical knowledge of the latest fire safety legislation, guidance and standards!

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Typical Services

A wide range of independent fire safety engineering consultancy and advisory services is available to meet client needs at any stage of a project, process or product lifecycle, from feasibility to decommissioning. These include:

  • Fire Safety Engineering Consultants
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Management Audit
  • Fire Safety Training
  • DSEAR Assessment
  • Fire Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Alarm Design
  • Evacuation Assessment
  • Fire Modelling