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Engineering Safe Products - One-day course. Open, Barrow-in-Furness 27 Feburary 2017.

It is a legal requirement to provide and use work equipment that is safe. This means those involved with (designing and) engineering products need to understand their role in ensuring safety; failure to do so is harmful to people, illegal and damaging to your business.

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UK Submarine Programme

We have filled a number of key positions on UK submarine programmes, including safety case management, fire safety engineering and functional safety roles.

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MAI Product Safety Training

We worked with MAI to design, develop and deliver a unique one-day engineering safe products course to engineers working at BAE Systems - Military Air & Information (MAI).

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QE Aircraft Carrier

For the past three years we have held lead fire safety engineer positions, holding the responsibility for all the Fixed Fire Fighting Systems, Fire Detection and Protection Networks on the QE.

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One Day Engineering Safe Products Course

Introductory product safety training course to provide engineers with the understanding of product safety in their organisation.

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One Week Safety Engineering Practitioners Course

Consists of presentations and workshops to reinforce understanding of key concepts and application of safety techniques.

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Communicating Clear, Concise and Defensible Safety Arguments

To establish a clear understanding of GSN and the importance of evidence-based assurance (safety) cases.

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