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Project Description

SOA Engineering developed a bespoke five-day product safety course for the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) with the objective of raising the awareness and capability of designers, engineers and managers who are involved in the design, build, commissioning and maintenance of ships and submarines.

The courses where designed to be interactive and hands-on, encouraging a modern structured, goal centric approach to safety cases as opposed to the previously preferred prescriptive approach. The course provided practical experience of using the most up-to-date and established techniques for safety engineering, including: hazard identification, hazard analysis, safety argument, human error (a key contributor to many major accidents) and the treatment of systematic failures. In addition, delegates where given a working understanding of the statutory requirements of relevant legislation and mandatory requirements of process standards.

Project Details

Classroom sessions:
Interactive tutor led sessions
Group work:
Following each session specific tasks were set allowing delegates to consolidate learning
Video case studies:
Relevant video and bespoke animations were used to analyse failures & apply lessons learnt
Safety surgery:
Trainers and delegates jointly discuss approaches to real issues fielded by the group
Knowledge check:
Daily multiple-choice learning checks conducted using anonymous voting systems
Syndicate exercise:
To consolidate the five days a client selected case study was set and fed back to the class


Users satisfied with the course content
Would recommend the course to others